What are the effects of Siesta on brain?

What are the effects of Naps on brain?

Noon Sleep

Especially families know the importance of noon sleep (Siesta) for their children. For healthy functioning of brain functions, afternoon sleep is very useful, but how much of sleep is beneficial?

Why is sleep important?

Sleep is vital in our holistic health. When our bodies are in the sleep cycle, our cells regenerate and heal. It helps us to recover from sleep and recover from illness and stress to restore our physical and mental functions. Inadequate sleep disrupts our immune system and weakens us against diseases, while adequate sleep fights certain types of cancer, protects cardiovascular health, reduces sensitivity, and improves metabolism to provide weight control.

Benefits of noon (Siesta) sleep

Even though being able to go to sleep is a luxury in the modern world, we all experienced the magnificent feeling of this sleep. However, in addition to its wonderful sensation, scientific research says that sleeping in the middle of the day are very beneficial for our brain. If you can’t sleep enough at night, a short nap in the middle of the day improves mental alertness and motor performance. However, it not only improves reasoning and reaction time, but also improves our mood.

What are the effects of Siesta on brain?
What are the effects of Siesta on brain?

How long?

Of course, as in everything, too much sleep is harmful. If you sleep to benefit your brain, it has a healthy measure.
If you feel a numbness at noon and you need to wake up, an average of 10-20 minutes will give you what you need.
If you feel angry or stressed, if you want to remember the important parts of the book you read, a 60-minute nap reduces impulsivity, improves anger tolerance and helps to memorize.
If you feel overwhelmed and exhausted, you need a 90-minute nap to reset yourself. 90 minutes not only improves your creativity, emotional and methodical memory; it also reduces the possibility of sleepiness, as you enter an entire sleep cycle.

At what time of day should you take a Siesta (nap)?

13.00 is the best time for early wakers. For night birds, 15.00 is a good hour. However, you should never forget that after 16.00 you should never sleep. In addition to being unhealthy, it puts night’s sleep at risk.

Pro Siesta Tip: If you’re sleeping to regain your strength and don’t want to experience drowsiness after waking up, have a cup of coffee just before your 20-30 minute sleep. Caffeine will show its effect until you wake up. To make it easier to sleep, make sure your sleeping area is dark. Take care of your comfort. For this, put on something comfortable and get a blanket. Stretch your body a little before sleep. Do not stress because you can not sleep, rest will be good for all kinds.

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