5 Important factors to improve sleep quality

5 Important factors to improve sleep quality

We spend about a 1/3 of our lives while sleeping. Therefore, an unhealthy sleep brings stress, unhappiness and failure in business andnormal life.

What do you need to do for a good sleep?

There are lots of academic researches about factors that effect the quality of our sleeps. As a result, all researches accept the accuracy of these 5 golden rules.
When you sleep is important as well as as where you sleep. Choose the right bed for your body, it has to be comfortable and at least 10 cm longer than you.

The room must be dark during sleep,

No night light,

There should be no consumption of tea and coffee after 19.00 in the evening,

Adults sleep 6-8 hours a day, children sleep 10 hours

Hight Quality

 Since we spend a significant part of our lives sleeping, it is very important that our sleep be of high quality. So, what is so important sleep for our lives? In fact, it is hard to define sleep from a scientific point of view Until the 1950s, many people thought that sleep was an inert part of our daily lives, and this judgment changed and we now know that our brain is very active during sleep. Moreover, we are sure that sleep affects our physical and mental health. Therefore, a healthy sleep time is an important process that affects our whole life…

5 Important factors to improve sleep quality
5 Important factors to improve sleep quality

 Sleepind Regularly is one of the most important factors that effects sleep quality.

 Unhealthy sleep brings along fatigue, stress, unhappiness and failure in business life. An individual who has a quality sleep process feels better, happy and energetic. Individuals should stay away from stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine before going to bed. During sleep, the room must be dark and has no night light, making it easier to fall asleep. A warm shower prior to sleep, reading books, light stretching exercises and meditation are activities that help you to fall asleep. There should be no light and sound sources such as television or mobile phone in your bedroom. ”

 On the other hand, underlining that the choice of the right bed for a healthy sleep is extremely important, lying in a bed with a wrong choice after a while may cause back pain, with the awareness that the selected bed should support the whole body from head to toe.

What are the features of a good bed?

  • The bed should be suitable for body mass index and hard enough to conform to the natural curve of the spine,
  • Excessive pressure on the convex parts of the body such as head, shoulder,back, waist, and basin,
  • Keep the bed cool in summer and warm in winter,
  • Use of advanced and durable systems,
  • The bed should be 10 cm taller than your height.

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