How to stand for long time with high heels?

How to stand for long time with high heels?

How to stand for long time with high heels is one of the hardest questions in women life. High-heeled shoes are undoubtedly the ideal choice for stylish and formal clothes. But over time it becomes increasingly difficult to wear them. We will give you some tips and tricks to stand longer.

Heeled shoes make your legs look longer and shaped and help your neck look longer. This combination can increase your self-confidence and make you look more elegant when going out at night or at work. If worn too often or too long, they can cause posture problems. So, how do you wear high-heeled shoes for hours? Here are the tricks …

Store your heeled shoes in the freezer
Sounds interesting but it works. We offer 2 options for this application: The fastest option is to put your high-heeled shoes in a plastic bag and store them in the freezer, makes them more comfortable. It will also be soft to your feet and less abrasive.

Add pads to heels
Another interesting trick but it works soldiers also uses this method believe us. You can place the pads on the heels and toes of your shoes and they can really help relieve foot pain. If you need it, it’s convenient to have a pair of pads in your bag.

Tap two fingers
According to a rumor(not tested), the third and fourth fingers of your feet closer to each other, you can wear your high-heeled shoes without any problems all day long. Give a try.

Use talcum powder
Sprinkling talcum powder on your feet and shoes can be very useful. This will help prevent sweat and moisture from causing discomfort in shoes. The most common result of sweat and moisture in the feet is the accumulation of water. Remember the importance of having healthy feet. The regular use of moisturizer strengthens the skin; note that water bubbles and calluses are more easily formed on dry skin.

How to stand for long time with high heels?
How to stand for long time with high heels?

Sand the sole of the shoe
When high-heeled shoes are new, you usually need to be very careful when walking. The reason for this is that the soles of the new shoes are very slippery and may cause you to fall and get injured maybe broke your leg. There are several options to prevent this. One of these is sanding the base to make it rough. Another alternative is to make fine cuts to the base using a knife or scissors.

Finally, you can pour some sugary soda on the base or add lemon and sugar into the water and apply it to the base. This mixture will make the surface sticky and will help you avoid slipping and falling.

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