Top 5 decoration styles

Top 5 decoration styles

Often many people do not know which decoration style they have. However, there are 5 most preferred decoration styles in the world. Although new decoration styles come into prominence from time to time, the 5 decoration styles we will mention below are always the most preferred styles. Even if you are aiming towards original decorations, you can take some pieces of these decoration ideas and use them in your own decoration.

Traditional decoration

Traditional decoration is just one of the styles that many people cannot give up. Tried and true classics lovers can not give up this decoration.

The centerpiece of this living room is the 2 sided fireplace, shared with the Sunroom. The coffered ceilings help define the space within the Great Room concept and the neutral furniture with pops of color help give the area texture and character. The stone on the fireplace is called Blue Mountain and was over-grouted in white. The concealed fireplace rises from inside the floor to fill in the space on the left of the fireplace while in use.

Source : https://www.lenoxhousedesign.com/

Living room – traditional formal dark wood floor living room idea in Indianapolis with gray walls, a standard fireplace, a tile fireplace and a tv stand

Source : https://everythinghomedesigns.com/

Bohemian decoration

According to the famous architect and designer Lemieux: “Creating a layered and patterned atmosphere in our house gives us the feeling that we are shopping from markets or boutiques all over the world.” You can provide this feeling with bohemian decoration.

This lounge area features a hanging chair, daybed, and plenty of floor cushions and poufs to pull up for additional guests.
Mid-sized eclectic enclosed medium tone wood floor and red floor living room photo in Chicago with gray walls, no fireplace and no tv

Source: https://desadesignstudio.com/

Modern decoration

Again, many people around the world like to use straight lines and neutral tones in their homes. In particular, they achieve this style with contemporary and modern decoration.

Inspiration for a modern living room remodel in Miami

Source : https://azurefl.com/

Source : http://design-rubato-archi.com/

Living room – modern living room idea in Osaka 

Source : http://www.abax-arc.com/

Mid Century Decoration

Modern decoration is followed by the style of the mid-century. Designed in an iconic period, this decoration shows us that modern lines combine with organic shapes. It contains especially leather and counterplate materials.

The open plan dining area opens out into the living space.
Inspiration for a mid century medium tone wood floor and brown floor great room remodel in London with white walls

Source: https://www.home-interiordesign.co.uk/

Beach Style decoration

Finally, beach style or coastal decoration is among the most used styles. Especially if you have a house on the beach and want to stand out with its blue color, you will enjoy this view. You can reveal your style with more comfortable and light woods.

Living room – beach style living room idea in Miami

Source: https://seaglass-design.com/

Inspiration for a beach style open concept gray floor living room remodel in Grand Rapids with white walls and a standard fireplace

Source: https://sytsmabuilding.com/

Example of a coastal living room design in Tampa

Source: https://www.studioghome.com/

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