How to decorate the dressing room

Dressing rooms, which are mostly preferred right next to the bedroom, are decorated according to the concepts of size and width rather than function. So, how are the dressing rooms arranged? What are the decoration suggestions for dressing rooms? Here are the answers …

Tricks to decorate the dressing room

In our daily life, we do our dressing and make-up operations in the places we call dressing rooms instead of making them in bedrooms. This not only allows you to decorate your bedroom more comfortably, but also provides you with a more comfortable preparation process. Many people prefer the dressing room in rooms next to the bedroom and decorate it according to the measurements of the room. So, how are the dressing rooms decorated and arranged?

Luxury Dressing Room
Luxury Dressing Room complete with all the bells and whistles. Tailored to the client’s specific needs, this bespoke closet is filled with custom details such as mirrored panels, exotic water fall stone, custom drilling patters and cabinetry lighting

Source : https://www.boutiqueclosetsandcabinetry.com/

Choose a handy closet for your shoes

Shoes are one of the products we use most in our daily lives. Therefore, to reach the most frequently used shoes in the most comfortable way, it would be the most logical option to choose a handy cabinet. It is worth noting that paint is not important in these cabinets. You can also select the corner of the room as the location.

Pay attention to the strap style

In the new season, the most popular decoration proposal is the hanger styles. Or you can just hang the clothes you will wear that season and store the unused clothes under your base.

The more you can see, the better you can decide

Choosing transparent materials on shelves and containers in the dressing room will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. This allows you to make decisions faster even if you are unstable.

Dressing room – transitional women’s carpeted and gray floor dressing room idea in New York with glass-front cabinets

Source: https://www.studio-aubergine.com/

You can also apply the above method to your hats and bags

You can also try the above-mentioned hanger style to hang hats, bags and scarves in your wall hanger. A long mirror and small cupboards can also be placed next to these hangers.

Dressing Room
Men’s Dressing room tailored to his specifications. Leather details, and textured materials highlighted by lighting throughout.
Example of a large trendy men’s carpeted and blue floor walk-in closet design in New York with gray cabinets and glass-front cabinets

Source : https://www.boutiqueclosetsandcabinetry.com/

Arrange shelf compartments for drawer interiors

You can make it more practical and convenient with the shelf compartments you will make inside the drawer interior. You can use each eye for your jewelry pieces, watches and glasses. Thus, jewelry boxes and so on your tables. you do not put things, you save space.

Here Are few beautiful ideas for dressing room decoration

Inspiration for a contemporary gender-neutral carpeted and beige floor dressing room remodel in Sydney with open cabinets and light wood cabinets

Source: http://www.designartistry.com.au/

Matthew Millman, Photographer
Example of a large transitional women’s dark wood floor and brown floor dressing room design in San Francisco with medium tone wood cabinets and shaker cabinets

Source : http://www.plathco.com/

Dressing room – transitional gender-neutral carpeted and beige floor dressing room idea in Milwaukee with recessed-panel cabinets and white cabinets

Source https://andersonhomeswi.com/

This breathtaking project by transFORM is just part of a larger renovation led by Becky Shea Design that transformed the maisonette of a historical building into a home as stylish and elegant as its owners. Attention to detail was key in the configuration of the master closets and dressing rooms. The women’s master closet greatly elevated the aesthetic of the space with the inclusion of posh items like ostrich drawer faces, jewelry-like hardware, a dedicated shoe section, and glass doors. The boutique-inspired LED lighting system notably added a luxe look that’s both polished and functional. Custom Closet by transFORM Interior Design by Becky Shea Design Photography by Sean Litchfield Photography

Source https://www.transformhome.com/

Inspiration for a contemporary gender-neutral dark wood floor and brown floor dressing room remodel in Mumbai with dark wood cabinets

Source https://thedesignhousecompany.com/

Inspiration for a contemporary gender-neutral beige floor dressing room remodel in Albuquerque with dark wood cabinets

Source https://www.equiterra.design/

Her master closet was designed with very specific needs. It features limestone floors, side lit cabinets and electric rods. Photo by Sam Smeed

Source : Harry J. Crouse Design

How to decorate the dressing room
How to decorate the dressing room

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