How to choose, apply Wallpaper for your house?

How to choose, apply Wallpaper for your house?

No matter how well and carefully selected, your furniture, curtains, decorative objects in your home if your walls are not in harmony with all these. If not perfect decoration cannot be achieved. The light, energy, ambience of the house starts with walls and continues with furniture and decoration. At this stage wallpaper design ideas are coming to our rescue. Wallpapers like a magical touch that can change the entire face of the room in an instant. Moreover, when we learn how to make our own walls can be covered and this is a very enjoyable job. In this article, we will talk about How to make wallpaper, how to remove old wallpapers?

How to Coat and Remove Wallpaper

Wallpaper Coating

Correct Correction and Cleaning of Soil

The first answer to the question How to coat the wallpaper? Dır is the correct preparation of the floor. The smoother the area where the wallpaper will be applied, the better the result. Only the wall with paint should be scraped and cleaned as much as possible. If there is a wallpaper in the foreground, we will talk about it under the heading How to remove the wallpaper? But the removed wallpaper should be fully scraped and the floor should be made suitable for the new wall covering.

Gluing Wallpaper

If your wallpaper is not self-adhesive, the correct adhesive should be selected. For classic wallpapers you can use standard wallpaper adhesives. It is necessary to use special adhesives for embossed, hard textured wall papers. Otherwise you will not get the desired result from the wallpaper will be short-lived.

The Right Materials for Wallpaper Coating

After applying the wallpaper to the wall, it is absolutely necessary to cut it straight. Equipment such as scissors, utility knives and rulers must be used for this purpose. After applying the wallpaper to the wall, a cloth, flattening process should be done with the help of sponge and any air gaps that may arise during application should be removed.

Bedroom wallpaper
Bedroom wallpaper

How to Prepare Wallpaper Adhesive?

For bonding, there are dust adhesives that you can easily find in our Adhesive & Tape category. Powder glue is added to the water in the appropriate amount according to the description given on the dimensions written on it. First of all, put the indicated amount of water into a paint bucket and start to mix the water in a swirl shape. When the water reaches a certain speed, the water begins to rotate inside the swirl bucket and slowly pour the wallpaper glue into the powder. Pour and mix. Continue mixing after pouring the entire glue powder. Continue to mix for 5 minutes after the powder glue is finished. After mixing for 5 minutes, allow the wallpaper to rest for 15 minutes to allow the glue to completely melt.

How to Apply Wallpaper

If you need to start with a suggestion and warning; All kinds of wallpaper can be used for dry areas such as living room, corridor and etc.. But in damp areas such as bathrooms, toilets and kitchens, I recommend choosing a wallpaper that can remove this moisture and clean it with soap. Also, if your walls are rough, thick embossed, paper or expanded and dense patterned wallpapers will be better.


The steps of gluing wallpaper are as follows:

  • The grains on the wall are smoothed with sandpaper and spatula.
  • Wall height and width are measured accurately. According to the measurement, the excess is left down and above.
  • Powder glue is prepared.
  • The back of the cut wallpaper is glued with a brush. (You must make sure you drive everywhere.)
  • The glued surfaces are folded so that they touch each other.
  • Folded wallpapers are left to soften by resting. (Up to 5 to 10 minutes)
  • The first length of glued paper is glued into the light direction (window edge). Miter or scales are recommended if necessary.
  • The bonded paper is pressed from top to bottom with the help of a clean cloth or brush to correct and remove air bubbles.
  • The excess paper formed in the upper and lower corners should be cut with scissors.
  • The windows of our room should be closed during application and during drying; our wallpaper should be left at normal room temperature.
  • Stone patterned wallpapers, which have been quite trendy in recent years, which make the house feel like air in our house with its dimensional and natural appearance, look great when applied to all walls or two opposite walls, for example the back of TV and TV unit.

How to coat Columns with Wallpaper?

If you’re wondering how to make wallpaper for columns, let’s just say: The other wallpaper is the same as the application process. You should take the dimension according to the column, if your wallpaper is patterned, you should cut the patterns towards the ongoing wall and pay attention to give continuation appearance. Let’s ask How to remove the wallpaper? ”Esnasında It is possible to remove and re-apply the wallpaper without completely drying during the bonding. The life of the wallpapers is 10-15 years, when the time expires, your wallpapers may begin to pour and fade, the colors may fade. You can use vinegar and vinegar to remove the wallpaper. For those who want to use natural methods, this may be an alternative.

The main purpose here is to soften and remove the wallpapers from the wall. Prepare mixtures of wallpaper remover. You can also find the wallpaper removal chemical ready. If you are not ready, you can also use vinegar, paper glue or water softener. If the liquid you use is warm, it will soften more easily. Make holes or cuts in the wallpaper. Thus, water penetrates the paper better and softens the paper faster. Make holes or cuts in the wallpaper. Thus, water penetrates the paper better and softens the paper faster.

Please pay attention to the buttons on the sockets before soaking. Apply a few times from the prepared water with a paint roller. Once you understand that the paper is wet, start removing it with the help of a spatula. If paper remains on the wall, rewet them and remove any remaining paper. It’s a bit of a challenge, but it’s not something that can’t be done.

Image Sources: Pixabay.com, Unsplash.com

How to choose, apply Wallpaper for your house?
How to choose, apply Wallpaper for your house?

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