How Does the Color of Your Home Decoration Affects Your Mood?

How Does the Color of Your Home Decoration Affects Your Mood?

Did you know what the colors in your home decoration directly effects your mood?

Bedroom, kitchen, study room or living room … The colors you love to decorate, carefully selected in every corner of your home affect your mood.

Light blue evokes calmness and clarity.

Blue is a color that gives a sense of order. You can feel more peaceful and calm by painting a certain part of your house in blue or painting it all in this color. Blue is considered the color of water and can also make you feel clean and tidy.

The green color makes a relaxing connection with nature.

Since this color is the color of spring and nature, it represents innovation, growth and maturation. This color selection gives you a sense of harmony and serenity. It is generally preferred in bedrooms and living room because of its soothing and calming effect.

Elegant medium tone wood floor and brown floor family room photo in Minneapolis with green walls
Lower Level Family Room RetreatMinneapolis

Source : https://www.sdimn.com/

We loved staging this room. We expected a white room, but when we walked in, we saw this accent wall color. By adding black and white wall art pieces, we managed to pull it off. These are real MCM furniture pieces and they fit into this new remodel beautifully.

Source: https://www.seattlestagedtosell.com/

The purple color makes you feel rich and comfortable.

Purple is a majestic color. It helps to increase your concentration and is also the color of wisdom and respectability. It is generally preferred in bedrooms and hobby rooms due to its relaxing effect.

The gray color makes you feel safe.

This color makes you feel strong and determined. In addition, attention should be paid to how to use it when it is used in a very dark color as it evokes negative things such as depression, annoyance and excess seriousness. Considering its safe and calming effect, it is ideal for use in places such as sofas, beds and bedrooms.

The pink color makes you feel loving.

The soft shades of pink make you feel a sense of renewal and revival. It is the color of purity, subtlety and fantasy. Light and pastel shades of pink can be used anywhere in the house.

The yellow color makes you feel cheerful.

This contemporary living room features a Troscan Hyde wing chair, Matthews and Parker coffee table in an antique silver finish, fire screen and contemporary art by John DiPaolo. Photo: Matthew Millman

Source https://coddingtondesign.com/

The yellow color has a cheering and pleasing effect. It is among the inspiring colors as it increases mental memory. Therefore, the use of this color in study rooms has a positive effect. It can also be preferred in living rooms as it has a stimulating effect.

Here are some examples of different colored home decorations


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How Does the Color of Your Home Decoration Affects Your Mood?
How Does the Color of Your Home Decoration Affects Your Mood?

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