What is Bohemian Decoration? How To?

What is Bohemian Decoration? How To?

How about bringing bohemian decoration to your home, the choice of free and creative souls? If the idea of ​​a colorful and unorthodox living space attracts you, you are at the right spot. Here’s all about the bohemian decoration

Bohemian Decoration

You can feel the sweet wind of freedom in your home thanks to the bohemian decoration that takes its power from the colors and the rules. Different styles of furniture, carpets or seat covers with vibrant colors, antique furniture, hand-knitted blankets… Now, let’s see what is the bohemian decoration where you can combine all these items, even more …

Bohemian living room photo in Calgary with a wall-mounted tv


What is Bohemian Decoration?

Bohemian lifestyle reminds us of gypsies. Already the origin of the word comes from the French “la boheme an, which is used to describe the lifestyle of Gypsies. In the 19th century, French artists were influenced by the irreplaceable homelessness and independent and free standing of the Gypsies; they have the same spirit of gypsies as artists to be creative.

Bohemian style not only reverberated in the intellectual environment but also in fashion and decoration. People who adopt this understanding have created an original style with low budgets without devoting much money to clothing. This style has also inspired designers and has enabled the bohemian style to survive with its various designs.

There is a natural energy in the bohemian stream of creative and free spirits. The combination of contrasting colors and the combination of floral and mandala patterns make one feel closer and more peaceful to nature. Ethnic patterned cushions and rugs, mandala design drapes, mini vintage coffee tables, makrame wall ornaments, a wicker basket gathering your extra items in a corner and of course lots of green plants and cactus if possible… These are the essential parts of a bohemian house.

Mid-sized bohemian light wood floor living room photo in Seattle with beige walls and no tv


Before discussing bohemian decorations, let us share with you the most important points in this style: your comfort! We said that the key to the bohemian style is freedom and that this style of decoration is generally preferred by people who are fond of their independence. So, if you want to apply this decoration, remove the questions like “Is the color of my chair compatible with the curtain?” Or s The coffee table I want to buy is suitable for the decoration of my living room? Dan. Because what matters is your comfort. If you’re comfortable, color matching doesn’t matter! The harmony between the seemingly complex sequence of eye-catching colors, combinations that do not allow uniformity, exotic patterns, oriental accessories, handmade knitting and laces, furniture of different style pieces… All of them come together in a single decoration style and create a living space reflecting the bohemian lifestyle. data.

How to make Bohemian decoration?

Colorful floor cushions

The first thing that catches your attention in bohemian decoration is the floor cushions. The floor cushions that make a very comfortable impression are one of the most suitable pieces for the shabby lifestyle. It reflects the indifferent, cheerful and sincere spirit of the bohemian style to the decoration especially with its colors and patterns.

Make room for motif products

It is no coincidence that bohemian style comes to mind with colorful and motif pillows, armchairs and carpets. Because a bohemian style application without ethnic motifs is missing. If you have monochrome armchairs and want to reflect your home in bohemian style without changing them, all you have to do is simple. You can buy plenty of patterned pillows, hang patterned paintings on your walls or change your curtains. In addition, in recent years, trendy piece patterned carpets fit this decoration style exactly! You can also choose chandeliers created by fusing colored, different glasses.

The indispensable element of Bohemian houses: Dreamcatcher as a protector

Dreamcatcher, which is used in many places today for bohemian decoration, has a rich spiritual heritage. Dreamcatcher, a native of the Ojibwe tribe of Native American origin, is made of tree branches and feather feathers due to their lifelong intertwined nature and ancient beliefs, and is especially hung on the head of a sleeping person. Dreamcatcher protects the sleeper by attaching bad dreams to his net during the night, passing the good dreams through the middle of the net to the sleeper with feathers swinging down. It is also believed that the bad dreams that are attached to the network by sunrise disappear.

Patterned rugs

Bohemian decoration does not lift heavy and classic rugs. They are light rugs that will appeal to his free spirit. Especially, these rugs are colorful and pattern desense.

You can place old items in your home

You like the bohemian style, but the furniture in your home is on the lines that reflect today… In this case, let’s say what you need to do immediately. You can buy old furniture from your grandmother’s or your mother’s house and make the necessary modifications and use them at home. These furniture or decorations you collect can be part of the timeless bohemian style. You can also give your belongings to those in need. Bohemian decoration has a history that reflects the past and bohemian decoration furniture reflects the feeling of nostalgia very well. Besides, you can strengthen the decoration of your home with old decoration products or antique objects.

Knitting and laces

In the 80s we are used to see the seats, chairs, covers on furniture such as; bohemian decoration in the style of colored braids. This detail is also seen on the curtains, and also shows itself in many accessories.

Exotic patterns

You can see birds, green leaves and colorful flowers on the walls of a house with a bohemian decoration style. Apart from wall decoration, these patterns are also abundant in textile products.

Vintage furniture

In bohemian decoration, you will see that furniture is chosen piece by piece instead of suit. Bohemian style never accepts an image that comes out of furniture stores. In order to keep his soul alive, different styles of old furniture should be used together.

Oriental accessories

Colorful chandeliers, glass or stone lighting designs, lanterns, vases and trinket with oriental traces of different accessories are used together in bohemian decoration. This decoration style, which likes to use contrasting colors at the same time, will also suit oriental designs created with different colors.

Here are few samples for you to imagine

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What is Bohemian Decoration? How To?
What is Bohemian Decoration? How To?

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